PR.4.6.A21 is the only monochrome painting from this series. The effect of taking colour away makes the viewer concentrate on form. One is invited to pay attention to the interaction of lines, some closer, some further away: rather a Zen kind of pleasure, compared with being smacked in the eye by a bucketful of colour.

Like white, black is an expression of light, in this case, its absence. A true black would reflect no light whatsoever – the opposite of white, which reflects all light wavelengths equally. The black colour that Lara used in this painting is not a pure black pigment but a combination of a lot of different colours. The more colours she mixed, the closer she approached black. Lara created the complex, dark lines in her painting by mixing the pigments left on her palette and blending them directly onto the canvas.

Overall, in this work, Lara purely focused on the wide-ranging and sometimes contradictory investigations of monochrome colour.