By staring steadily at the centre of the painting one soon discovers how difficult it is to keep the eye fixed on one point. After a while, one comes to realise that colour combinations in this painting seem to be unavoidable.

The light ultramarine blue and metallic green are peeking through the recurrence of the red lines. The blues are all darker then the neighbouring reds in diffused daylight (indoors and outdoors), in full sunlight, and also in warm and cool artificial light. There is a special kind of optical mixer happening in this painting.

Throughout history, red has been associated with power. Besides, it is the colour of joy and luck, not to mention it is the most striking pigment. The artist wanted to audience to dive into this expanding, almost 3D painting to pay attention to which shades of red could complement each other or could co-exist with each other and to explore which different reds combine and form a completely new shade of red at the end.