Lara Julian, an abstract artist based in London and currently residing in Hampstead, was born in Siberia. Lara discovered her artistic identity as a colour technologist at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She seeks to visualise colour as an independent force, both as matter and energy, through a systematic exploration of colour theory and colour construction techniques. The artist has pursued this exploration through the formal idiom of painted lines, a choice that situates her within an artistic historical lineage including Bridget Riley, Patrick Heron, and Carlos Cruz-Diez. Lara Julian has exhibited in both solo and group shows in London, Berlin, Venice, and New York. Her works are held in private collections worldwide.


At the core of my artistic practice lies a profound exploration of the material essence inherent in colour — its dynamic, emotional, and energetic qualities. The investigation of colour systems’ capacity not only immerses me in its visual aspects but also leads me to contemplate the intricate relationships between hues, the scientific underpinnings of colour, and the profound interplay of light and pigment. To experiment with freedom and articulate the multifaceted nature of colour, I embrace a diverse array of artistic media, such as watercolour, oil, or acrylic paint.

In my pursuit, I intentionally veer away from the conventional notion of art as a conduit for personal emotions. Instead, I aspire to create aesthetically pleasing and harmonious combinations that will speak, resonate, and draw viewers into a meditative state. The intention is not to dictate emotional responses but to cultivate an immersive experience where individuals are empowered to generate their own unique reactions and subjective interpretations to the visual symphony before them.