Lara Julian is a conceptual British artist.
She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and has exhibited widely in both solo and group shows in London, Amsterdam, Venice and New York.
Working with a vivid and layered palette, Lara creates paintings that are architectural and transformative. Her visually arresting work is based on a deep study of colour and explores a duality of material existence. Each painting is a highly textured and tactile surface of complex matter which reflects and fragments it surroundings. Inspired by geometry, architecture and science, Lara’s intimate and thoughtful paintings invite the viewer to observe colour as a physical existing object.


My work is developed from exploring the materiality of colour. Employing a diverse range of media, I seek to visualise colour as matter and energy through a delicate balance of abstract and figurative elements arranged in a certain order on the canvas. There is a fragility and strength inscribed in each canvas, with thoughtful brush strokes epitomising the energy and duality of existence.
My work is confessional and intimate, with the process of creation being meditative. I want the viewer to go on this journey with me, to connect with the emotional states evoked in each work and to discover truths about themselves.